Heartwarming Stories of People on Social MediaSocial Media is the best place where you can meet with the people you know and even with those you don’t know them. Sometimes I wonder that we always want to be online on Social Media. Whenever the mobile vibrates, I just want to check the notifications immediately. But the problem is that why we do so? Why it is essential for us to always to check the notifications and upload the statues? Well, the Social Media is a great platform to stay connected with the friends and know what is happening around the world. The companies use it to promote their products and Buy Instagram Followers or other services to ensure their successful survival in the industry.

Is Social Media useful for us?

We always talk about the Social Media and its effectiveness. But have you ever gives it a deep thought that why we all are so addicted to the Social Media. If we take a look at the years when the Social Media platforms were in the initial stages, people used to think that it is just a time-wasting thing. But in the later years, people believed that it is not only for entertainment, but you can also use it to boost Business. Have you ever heard a life-changing story? In fact, the Social Media has helped many people positively changing their lives.

Domestic violence and Social Media:

Domestic violence is the worst thing, and we strongly condemn those who do this. Here we are going to discuss a story in which the woman got rid of the domestic violence by posting a selfie on Social Media. You may be wondering that how it is even possible. A woman filed a petition against her husband who used to beat her. One day he overheard her conversation with someone else and started hitting her. He broke her phone by smashing it into the wall. He was assaulting her to stop her from making a call to the Police. The woman took a selfie of her injured face and uploaded it to the Social Media.

She wanted to report the attack but was unable to do so. She took advantage of the Wifi connection and posted her selfie on Facebook. Her Facebook friends saw her picture on her timeline and immediately contacted Police to tell the situation. The Police arrested her husband and filed the assault charges against her.

In this case, the Social Media played a significant role in making someone’s life easier. So we can say that the Social Media is not just a waste of time. It can positively change people’s lives too.


It is the high time to realize the importance of Social Media these days as it not only useful in our personal lives but also helps us in our professional lives. We can Buy Instagram Followers or YouTube followers to increase sales and earn profits. So use it positively and stay updated about what is happening around the world. Teach your children as well to utilize the power of Social Media platforms.

Heartwarming Stories of People on Social Media