For the past ten or fifteen years, computers managed to create their way into our lives no matter if we use them at work or at home. This growth in usage has obviously opened a lot of new career opportunities for those who enjoy working with computers in a different way. The purpose of this article is to provide you some insights on the computer engineer job description if you are thinking about pursuing a career in this field.

One aspect which must be taken into consideration is the fact that to be successful in this job you have to be interested or willing to spend a lot of time to understand and solve issues related to computers. You must have a solid background in both hardware and software in order to build something which involves a computer or to figure out what’s wrong with an existing computing architecture.

One of the first element in the task list of this job is to find and fix issues that happen with computers like desktop PCs, laptops or with other hardware that have their own computer. Every time that you encounter or notice a computer malfunctioning you will probably call the IT department at your company, and ask for a PC specialist to fix the problem.


These computing experts do not entirely handle issues that occur with systems connected to a network, they are also responsible of developing and implementing the network infrastructure to which devices or computers are connected to. As a result, they can spend hours and hours testing the whole environment and if needed, diagnose and repair the hardware or software problems.

Other technicians are responsible for working with manufacturers in the final stages of a product development to test reliability during usage and help them foresee issues that might occur during this period. This means that as long as there will be progress in technology, these specialists will not have to worry about losing their job. Moreover, studies conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that there is an increasing demand of technicians at pretty much every major IT company, so there are a lot of open positions that you can apply to.

Next to finding solutions to PC issues and maintaining the hardware of existing network infrastructure, the computer engineer job description also states that you have to also deal with software cases, with operating systems like Windows, Linux and so on.  This is why these specialists have to carry both physical electronic tools and also software tools, to help them diagnose and fix the problems that were reported by others.

In the responsibilities list of PC specialists it is also very often specified that they will have an unusual work schedule, depending on each customer or on the specificity of the company they are employed at. If there is a hardware failure somewhere in the network or if there’s an issue with an application, it is very likely that the specialist is going to be called in to investigate and fix the issue no matter what the hour is.

Like we have already mentioned, the computer engineers must find out what’s wrong and solve the problem using some dedicated software tools or using other hardware tools like hardware testers, various communication interfaces and so on. WhatEngineers can help you more in this field.

A brief introduction to computer engineering job description